Hap Chan

Whenever my family is craving for Chinese food, Hap Chan is always our choice. Ambiance is also good and their restaurant is well kept. No problem encountered with staff as well. Yummy food even for kids who are really not into Chinese food.


Hap Chan offers Noodles, Soup, Fried Rice, Rice Toppings, Dimsum, Congee, Hot Pot and Beverages. What else should you asked for? They had it all!

Chamomile Tea

While waiting for your order, Hap Chan’s friendly staff will serve you a pot of Chamomile Tea and it’s for free! 🙂

Yang Chow Fried Rice- Php270.00

Yangzhou fried rice or Yang Chow fried rice is a popular Chinese-style wok fried rice dish in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world. Perfect partner to any Chinese dish.

Sauteed Beef w/ Broccoli Flower- Php280.00

Hap Chan’s Beef with Broccoli seasoned with thick sauce is awesome for lunch or dinner. Same goes with their Pork Asado which is a braised dish made out of marinated pork.

Pork Asado- Php270.00

Hap Chan guarantees the freshness of your food as everything was made to order. Their food tastes really good bordering on the imaginary. The prices are quite suprising because all of their dishes were very affordable compare to other Chinese restaurants leaving you with a half-full stomach and an empty pocket. The service and the atmosphere were nice.


Hap Chan – Harbor Square
Unit 1101, Ground Floor Harbour Square, Pedro Bukaneg Street, CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Malate


5 thoughts on “Hap Chan

    1. Big-Set Burgers is just few steps away from our home. There’s nothing special with their food but it’s very affordable. The Nook Cafe is a must-try restaurant and I love my dining experience while wearing their Harry Potter costume. 🙂


      1. Pwede po bang magrequest ng blog about those two (Big Set-Up & The Nook). Willing-to-wait, I’m always checking out naman po on your page. I like you’re style of giving reviews po kasi. Thanks!


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