When it comes to exciting and affordable food, Kantorini Food Park will never disappoint you. With 25 food stalls to choose from with different flavors from all over, you can never go wrong if you visit this newest food park in Quezon City.


La Manitalia is one of the many reasons why you should visit Kantorini Food Park.
There is without a doubt no other dish in any cuisine quite as captivating as pasta. The Chinese and Japanese do it, Germans use it, and even the French sometimes use it, but the Italians do it the best. Life is a combination of magic and pasta! 🙂


La Manitalia’s menu is pretty impressive. They offer pasta dishes in 3 different sauces. You can choose from Red Based Sauce, Bechamel Based Sauce and Oil Based Sauce.


I’m a big fan of pasta and I decided to try at least one dish per variant since I’m already here at La Manitalia.

Lingunni Frutti de Mare

Lingunni Frutti de Mare is sure to satisfy — and provide a spicy kick! Lingunni Frutti de Mare, made with mussels, squid & shrimp in a thick red arrabiata sauce is a surefire winner. It is spicy, succulent, and comforting – down to the very last linguine noodle!

Classic Carbonara

La Manitalia’s secret to an exceptional Carbonara is, not surprisingly, their secret technique. Purists might scoff at this slightly lighter version, but the proof is in the pasta. Their carbonara is to die for! 🙂

Gambarete Pasta

Gambarete Pasta is like carbonara but mixed with seafood. The combination of shrimp and bechamel sauce is pure love.

Seafood Pesto

Seafood Pesto – large shrimp, mussels, baby clams and linguine pasta smothered in a delicious basil pesto sauce! Yummy recipe that you should try when you visit La Manitalia.


Of all the 25 food stalls in Kantorini Food Park, La Manitalia is my number one spot that captures my heart. If you’re wandering around Katipunan and would want to enjoy your life at the dining table with a source of pleasure that has no equal, please visit La Manitalia at Kantorini Food Park! 🙂


La Manitalia – Kantorini Food Park
Lot 2 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines


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