The hype is real and Kantorini Food Park is getting stronger and more famous everyday. Thanks to their witty Admin who never fails to give smile to their Facebook Page followers. I’m a big fan of this food park because they have a lot to offer. They have 25 food stalls to choose from with different flavors from all over the world.


Budbod is sprinkle in English, and Budbod is a food creation that is commonly known in the Rizal province. Fried rice topped with flavorful beef, pork, chicken or shanghai rolls with scrambled egg strip,chopped tomato and spring onion. There’s no need for us to visit Rizal province to taste their Budbod since Budbod Level Up offers a level up version of that dish in Kantorini Food Park.


Budbod Level Up’s menu is pretty simple. You just need to choose your toppings for your fried rice also topped with scrambled egg strips, chopped tomato and spring onion. You can choose from Beef, Pork, Chicken, Shanghai or Mixed.


This is my first time to try eating a Budbod and I’m very excited to know how is it different from our favorite tapsilog.

Beef Budbod- Php130.00

I love the combination of flavorful beef, scrambled egg, chopped tomato and spring onion. It was very delicious and heavy on your tummy.

Shanghai Budbod- Php130.00

Heavenly pocket pork shanghai rolls will never disappoint you. You will definitely be asking for more!

Mixed All Budbod- Php170.00

All of my favorites in one plate! This dish was so divine! This is way better than any rice toppings available in the metro.


Another great thing about Budbod Level Up is that their meals are super affordable, I will not be surprised that foodies will soon flock this place to fill their hungry tummies. Freshly cooked, healthy and affordable Filipino comfort food and great customer service – there’s nothing else you can ask for!


Budbod Level Up – Kantorini Food Park
Lot 2 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines


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