Kyodai Japanese Cuisine

Kantorini Food Park is the latest addition to the roster of food parks that you may visit in Quezon city. Strategically located near Miriam College, Ateneo De Manila University and University of the Philippines.  This Food Park  have 25 food stalls  for you to choose from that will fill your empty stomach with different flavors from all over the world.


From international and local Japanese brands opening in Manila, it’s official – the Japanese cuisine revolution is alive and kicking!

Kyodai Japanese Cuisine is one the many reasons why foodies should visit Kantorini Food Park. Foodies will absolutely love about this place, aside from the good food, it’s very affordable!


To complete your ultimate Japanese cuisine experience, Kyodai offers Makimono, Ramen, Bento Box, Salad, Donburi, Sushi and Japanese Ala Carte dishes. Everything Japanese in this one-stop grub spot!


It’s time to taste their food! 🙂

Nakamas Pride- Php230.00

Nakamas Pride looks stunning and delicious! They’re so cute making it very had for me to eat it.  This sushi is pretty good and a good starter dish to set the mood.

Spicy Karubi Ramen- Php230.00

Slurpp! Yes, it’s Kyodai’s Spicy Karubi Ramen (Spicy Miso Soup Ramen) with pork and veggies! Perfect dish to spice up your day.

Tonkotsu Ramen- Php210.00

Deliciously garlic-y and full of umami punch, this tonkotsu ramen is a must-try! A specialty of Kumamoto prefecture. All you need are your favourite meat and vegetable toppings and you have a complete dinner.

Spicy Classic Tantanmen- Php230.00

Kyodai Japanese Cuisine’s Spicy Classic Tantanmen is really nice with the addition of sliced roast pork belly along with the mince. As ever, the secret’s in the stock. It’s a delicious treat but quite heavy ramen.

Pork Bento- Php200.00

Practical, healthy bento box lunches for everyone.

It’s great to know that this Japanese chain was conceptualized by Filipinos. If you’re craving for delectable Japanese cuisines, I recommend going to Kyodai Japanese Cuisine.


Kyodai Japanese Cuisine – Kantorini Food Park
Lot 2 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines


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