Kantorini Food Park is one of the newest food parks in Quezon City and already making its name as a certified foodie destination. There are 25 food stalls in this food park offering different flavors from all over the world. It’s pretty new, but this Santorini-inspired food park is already getting all the hype.


NY Crepe is one of the food stalls located in Kantorini Food Park and is one of the crowd’s favorite including me. When it comes to food, NY Crepe will not pale in comparison to other restaurants offering crepes in the metro.


NY Crepe offers a vast variety of savory and sweet crepes that will make your mouth water! All of their menu items are 100% fresh from the ingredients of their crepes.


You can also keep a look out for their special limited time crepes or their soon to be added flavors when you come in their store.

S’mores- Php149.00

I highly recommend the S’mores crepe! Super soft and chocolatey with the right amount of marshmallows and loads of Nutella and the chocolate ice cream on top just makes it to die for.

Banoffee- Php149.00

Banoffee was my pick of the evening. A combination of banana, caramel syrup,  graham cracker crumbs topped with vanilla ice cream. Now this is the kinda crepe I don’t mind eating for desserts every time I visit Kantorini Food Park.

Blueberry Cheesecake- Php149.00

NY Crepe’s Blueberry Cheesecake will melt your heart. The crepe was so soft and fluffy. The vanilla ice cream blends perfectly well with the blueberry syrup.


NY Crepe’s Stawberry Crepe will soon be added to their menu and by the taste of it, I know that this will be a sure hit! The combination of the strawberry fillings, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream is so divine.


NY Crepe is a hidden gem in Kantorini Food Park you’d easily miss but trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on their crepes! Their crepes are thin and light but better yet, they offer a variety of fillings to make the most delicious combinations you can dream of. Whether it be savory or sweet, they got just the right treat for everyone.


NY Crepe- Kantorini Food Park
Lot 2 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines


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