Teishtee Wok

Kantorini Food Park is your one-stop food park located in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Plan your next gastronomic adventure here with your squad and you’ll be welcomed with 25 food stalls offering different flavors from all over the world.


Teishtee Wok is a cut above your typical chinese restaurant, this cash-only food stall uses only prime meat and vegetables from the market. Everytime I visit Kantorini Food Park, I never fail to order something from Teishtee Wok for my Chinese quick fix.


At Teishtee Wok, their menu is prepared daily. They source quality ingredients to make sure that their customer’s experience is a good one. They have a variety of items to choose from and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Chinese food is really popular here in the Philippines and there’s no doubt that Teishtee Wok is one of the must-try restaurants at Kantorini Food Park. Consistency is their game from the name of their restaurant to the taste of their food, Teishtee Wok only serve TASTY food prepared daily by their chef using their wonder wok.

Stir-Fry Noodles- Php112.00

Teishtee Wok allows their customers to customize your food. There’s only 3 simple steps and it’s very easy to follow.

Step One, Choose your base for only Php 69 (White Rice, Egg Noodles, Glass Thin Noodles or Flat Stick Noodles) fresh cabbage and carrots are already included. I chose their Flat Stick Noodles for my Stir-Fry Noodles.

Step Two, Mix with protein and your favorite vegetables. I chose Pork Strips for my Stir-Fry Noodles and I know that I made the right decision.

Step Three, Add a twist with your choice of Asian Sauce. Stir Fry Sauce for my Stir-Fry Noodles. Clever! 🙂

Beef Broccoli- Php160.00

Tender strips of beef and crisp broccoli florets in a rich brown ginger and garlic sauce. Teishtee Wok’s Beef Broccoli is a surefire winner!

Spring Rolls- Php55.00

Spring Rolls probably is one of the most famous Chinese dish and one of my personal favorites. Teishtee Wok’s Spring Rolls is a made of an extra crispy wrapper filled with meat and vegetables. It’s very flavourful and savory.

Dynamite Shrimp- Php170.00

Crispy fried shrimp coated in a spicy tangy mayo sauce! This is my first time to try this dish and I’m craving for more! 🙂

Vegetable Rice- Php69.00

I’m a big fan of rice and Teishtee Wok’s Vegetable Rice is very exceptional. This dish combines the natural flavor of white rice with the fresh taste of bell peppers, baby peas, and other vegetables.

Beef Noodle Soup- Php130.00

Teishtee Wok’s Beef Noodles is definitely a must-try. It was heaven sent. The soup is excellent, and don’t forget to add calamansi for that extra zest.


If you’re craving for delectable Chinese cuisines, you can never go wrong with Teishtee Wok. But if you just want to try these dishes out of curiosity, there is no reason to worry that your money will go to waste.


Teishtee Wok – Kantorini Food Park
Lot 2 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines


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