Rainbow Dreams Cafe is the latest addition to the roster of restaurants in the famous Maginhawa Street — Quezon City’s food haven. Alyssa Valdez, volleyball player from Ateneo de Manila University, owned this dreamy cafe.


The interior of this unicorn-themed cafe features pastel walls and ceilings, lavish chandeliers, unicorn dolls and toys everywhere more than any child could ever have time to play with. Rainbow Dreams Cafe looks like the type of magical haven dreamed up in the mind of a kid.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe serves a variety of kitschy fare, including rainbow s’mores, pastas, rice meals and shakes. You can eat your meal with the company of My Little Pony toys while you eat.  All of their food tastes really good and are very cute! No one can resist munching on those eye-candies.

Carbonara- Php150.00
Rainbow S’mores- Php100.00
Honey Garlic Wings- Php160.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Cake- Php120.00
Cookie Monster Shake- Php120.00


Oh, and there are unicorn onesies you can wear while you’re there too.


If you’re wandering around Maginhawa Street, you may want to stop by the Rainbow Dreams Cafe, where life is rainbows and unicorns.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe
80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City


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