Welcome to your tape, Welcome A-Board Cafe!

Spending time with my kids is my great reset button whenever I get stressed out due to an intense week at work. Traveling has always been my option to refresh my mind to prepare myself for another upcoming stressful week. Traveling definitely will spend you a lot of time and money so playing board games at the comfort of your own home or at the nearest board game cafe is another great option for me to release stress.

Welcome A-Board Cafe is the latest addition to the roster of restaurants that’s been opening around Batasan Hills, Quezon City. Their concept is quite unique,  blending board game fascination, wanderlust, and foodgasm all in one roof. I thought that all my stress will be gone after visiting this cafe, but I guess it was all a mistake. My experience with this cafe is a complete mess. There are more than 13 reasons why you should not visit this cafe. Welcome to your tape, Welcome A-Board Cafe.


As soon as you enter this cafe, you will bve welcomed bu their take out counter. You need to walk your way up to the 2nd floor if you want to be seated to their cafe. It was quite a challenge going up because the stairway is very narrow and each step are pretty high from one another.

The store interior is quite small, not enough to accommodate a big number of guests. If you have claustrophobia, this is not the perfect place for you to chill.


There are more than 10 board games to choose from but it depends on the amount of your total food purchase. Seriously?! Sponging customers just to lend their board games.

Nachos- Php79.00

Tortilla chips piled with grated cheese, beef and nacho cheese sauce. Their nachos looks dry, very unappealing and it doesn’t taste good. Where’s the salsa?

Burger & French Fries- Php89.00

Dull looking colored buns! The buns taste normal, it would not leave any color on your mouth (if that worries you). Look at the french fries scattered all over the wooden board. You may count the number of fries they served you and it wouldn’t even reach 20. You will not get the value of your money if you order their burger and fries.

S’mores- Php59.00

This summer treat starts with a slightly crunchy chocolate crust, then a layer of milk chocolate and finally it’s piled high with lightly-toasted marshmallows. It’s a brownies pretending to be a s’mores.

Lemonade- Php25.00

Lemonade that looks and tastes like an Iced Tea served in a star-shaped glass. I’m not not sure if they don’t have a lemonade available that’s why they gave me an Iced Tea instead. Anyway, I asked their crew and they told me that it was a lemonade.

Chichen Oreo- Php109.00

Milkshake is seriously better with Oreo cookies but Welcome A-Board’s Chichen Oreo is so bland! Yikes!

Eiffel for Caramel- Php89.00

Homemade caramel teams up with sweet popcorn, chocolate cupcake, whipped cream and chocolate cream to make. Eiffel for Caramel is a sure waste of money! I don’t like the taste of it. It tastes so artificial.

Our visit at Welcome A-Board Cafe was a total nightmare! The menu has a little of everything but most of them will not satisfy you. It wasn’t fun at all! Tbeir staff lacks knowledge about what board games and food they are offering. Stay away from this cafe and save your money!


Welcome A-Board Cafe
Blk 1 lot 1 SUPT Compound, Kagawad Road, Talanay Area C , Batasan Hills, Quezon City


7 thoughts on “Welcome to your tape, Welcome A-Board Cafe!

  1. They invited me to perform for their Acoustic Night and I was forced to sell all the tickets. I was not paid for my performance. They only gave me a glass of nestea iced tea and a dull looking colored burger.


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