Upside Down Museum

I’ve been a fan of Spider-Man ever since I was a kid. I’m always wondering how does it feel to be living like a spider. I want to see myself standing or walking on the ceiling upside down. I want to know how it feels when everything around looks gigantic like you always need to run and hide just to save yourself. With the opening of Upside Down Museum in Manila, everyone who wish to visit this interactive museum will now have an idea how it feels when everything is upside down and when the things around you are oversized.



You can buy your ticket at the Upside Down Museum’s entrance for only P450. 3 years old and below are free of charge. You may also want to buy your ticket at Star City. Star City offers a promo ticket priced at P580, allowing you to visit and enjoy Upside Down Museum and try all the rides at Star City.


You can rent a locker for only P50 so you can leave your stuff and enjoy freely your stay at Upside Down Museum.

My friends and I were very excited to have our one of a kind experience at this museum and we’re ready to turn our world upside down. So let’s get started! 🙂

Mirror House

We did’t know how are we going to execute our picture in creating a good concept or pose. Good thing, they have several staff in each room that help you set up poses and to take photos with your own devices.

Living Room
Play Room


Dining Room
Comfort Room
Kid’s Room

We all got crazy doing our wacky pose. It was fun!

Giant Sneaker
Giant Headset
Look how strong I am! :p


Your acrobatic skills and creativity will be tested here.


If you’re tired and hungry from roaming around the museum, you may take a break at their cafeteria.


My friends and I had a fun-filled experience at Upside Down Museum. We love the novelty of posing for photos with everything in the opposite position to where it should be. Well it certainly gives an alternative meaning to Lionel Richie’s song, Dancing on the Ceiling! 🙂

Upside Down Museum
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila


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