Travel Guide: Burias Island, Masbate

Burias Island is one of the most popular destinations in Masbate, and there is a good reason why. Simply put, it’s amazing. If I had a choice, I would live there in a heartbeat! The countryside is beautiful, the beaches are picture perfect, friendly locals, delicious food, and it’s inexpensive. Burias Island is the total package. There’s a reason why so many people go here and would never want to leave.


Animasola Island has awesome rock formations. The water is so clear and refreshing. It is a three hour boat ride from San Andres Port in Quezon province. There are no trees on the island to give shades so it is best to visit the island in the morning. Don’t forget to wear your sunblock to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun.


Animasola Island is a perfect place for a prenuptial photo shoot. Look at those lovebirds striking their best pose! Lovely! ❤


Perfect place for soul searching or nature beach lovers. I’m really impressed with the view, although the travel coming from manila was very exhausting, when you finally arrived in this island or destination, you will be relieved and find comfort. The rock and the ocean gives instant energy to wander.


Tinalisayan Islet and Sandbar is very calming – a row of palm trees, cool ocean breeze, rock formation, fine white beach and crystal clear waters! The surroundings is so relaxing, the entire island is very peaceful ideal for nature lover or loves the beach.


Level up your travel photos by using a drone. Don’t forget to include your group of friends to make the coolest water formation for your drone shot! 🙂


I spent the rest of my day in Sombrero Island. This small island is an ideal place to relax your mind away from the city. The waters are clear with corals and some marine creatures just below the shallow area, ideal for snorkeling and diving activities. Waves tend to be stronger in the afternoon.


Sombrero Island is derived from the  Filipino term for hat, and the island has an iconic rock formation that looks same with cowboy’s hat.


After I took my lunch at Sombrero Island, I went to Dapa Island to see its rugged beauty. The island’s naturally shaped cave and rocks are believed to be the home of some sea snakes.


My trip to Burias Island was quite an adventure. I think that my whole Masbate Adventure is worth more than P2,699. I’m glad that I chose Map Travel and Tours. They offer the best travel deals and all of their joiners are insured. If you don’t feel like joining a tour, you can create your own itinerary and just rent a private van going to Masbate. You may contact Ma Ria who offers private van. Let’s make our summer a memorable one and let’s continue to explore the beauty of the Philippines! 🙂




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