Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab

Hungry District is your one-stop food park located in Fairview, Quezon City. Plan your next gastronomic adventure here with your squad and you’ll be welcomed with more than 10 food stalls offering different flavors from all over the world.


Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab is a cut above your typical shawarma and kebab joint, this cash-only food stall uses only prime meat from the market. Everytime I visit Hungry District, I never fail to order something from Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab for my Mediterranean quick fix.


At Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab, their menu is prepared daily. They source quality ingredients to make sure that their customers experience is a good one. They have limited items to choose from but your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Shawarma is a popular meat sandwich that you can get at Middle Eastern restaurants. It consists of roasted beef, lamb, or a mixture of both with some yogurt or garlic sauce, in addition to tomato and greens all wrapped in a pita bread.

Beef Shawarma- Php75.00
Double Up Shawarma Wrap- Php145.00

Wrapped! warm beef shawarma, was moist and with nicely charred edges, and the addition of tangy sauce, improved the overall dish. If you prefer eating shawarma with rice, you may choose their shawarma rice meals.

Shawarma Rice- Php89.00

If you can’t get enough of the classic beef wrap, you’ll love this rice meal!

Chicken Shawarma Rice- Php95.00

As a change from the normal, I sometimes love having chicken shawarma over rice as opposed to rolled up in a pita.

Wrapped Special- Php150.00

The Wrapped Special really stood out for me. The crust is very thin but you can still taste it. The toppings were heavenly creamy and delicious. The play of colors of the ingredients makes the Wrapped Special more appetizing. This is the first time for me to try this dish and I loved it.

Kebab Rice- Php99.00

Minced and seasoned beef is moulded like a long sausage down the length of the skewer.


If you’re craving for delectable Mediterranean cuisines, you can never go wrong with Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab. But if you just want to try these dishes out of curiosity, there is no reason to worry that your money will go to waste.


Wrapped! Shawarma-Kebab – Hungry District
33 Mindanao Ave. ext., Fairview, Quezon City


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