Grub Hub

Grub Hub is one of the latest additions to the roster of food parks in Quezon City. One month after their opening, Grub Hub already marked its name as the hippiest food park in the metro.


There more than 15 food stalls, that they call hobbit holes, to choose from.

Hobbit Hole

There are three different dining area in this food park, each with their own themes.

The Junkyard

The Junkyard uses recycled materials from their old restaurant F.I.S.H. Old steel water drum were turned into chandelier. Old tires were turned into chair and their tables were made from old woods. What else can you ask for?

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse makes Grub Hub unique from all the other existing food parks. This is their air-conditioned dining space perfect for families who would like to have an intimate dinner away from the city noise. Everyone will surely love the indoor garden vibe.

The Hippieyard

The Hippieyard features colorful hanging lanterns, nipa hut dining place, and an area where upcoming artists can perform.

Mang Larry’s

I’m surprised that UP Diliman’s all-time favorite joined the bandwagon of food stalls in this food park. For only P10 per stick, you can enjoy your favorite street food like Isaw (chicken or pig intestines), Tenga (pig ears) and whole lot more!



If you’re a fan of an Old Fashioned Cheese Burger and Beef Chimichanga, be sure to try Brook’s leveled-up comfort food.

Beef Chimichanga- Php180.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger- Php200.00


Papa Beer

If you’re a fan of anything that’s fried, Papa Beer is the perfect food stop for you. They offer sinful fried dishes that perfectly pairs your bottle of ice-cold beer.

Wasabi Fries- Php95.00
Potato Wedges- Php120.00
Pare Calamare- Php160.00

Sub Zero Cake & Gelato

Sub Zero Cake & Gelato uses fresh and premium ingredients to ensure that they provide the best cake and gelato.


Cheesecake- Php75.00
Strawberry Cheesecake- Php75.00
Fudge Chocolate- Php75.00
Tiramisu- Php75.00
S’mores- Php99.00

Cafe Fratello

If you want something to drink while enjoying your food, try sipping on Cafe Fratello’s must-try frappes.

Cookie Frappe- Php150.00
Oreo Pretzel Cream- Php150.00
Green Apple Italian Creamosa- Php120.00


Noble Comida

Nachos is my all-time favorite Mexican grub. Tortilla chips are topped with beef and salsa mixture, melted cheese and tomato. This colorful Mexican snack never fail to melt my heart away.

Fiesta Nachos- Php245.00

Wicked Kitchen

One of the best dessert places in Maginhawa Street is now offering their sinful and wicked desserts at this hippy food park. Give into temptation and savor yourself with these sweet treats.

Greed- Php188.00
Envy- Php189.00
Lust- Php178.00

Yzzy Eats

Go out of your comfort zone and try Yzzy Eats’ BFLC (Bacon Fried Like Chicken)! Thin slices of pork belly seasoned with herbs and spices, lightly dredged, then fried like chicken.

BFLC- Php165.00

Papa Natz Pizzeria

Satisfy your craving with delicious Italian Pizza with a twist at Papa Natz Pizzeria.

Firehouse Beef- Php279.00

Woah! That’s a lot of food and there’s a lot more that we should try!


Grub Hub
47 Visayas Avenue, Corner Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City


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