Backyard Food Park

Backyard Food Park is one of the latest additions to the booming number of food parks in Quezon City. It is a culinary and urban playground with a rotating lineup of culinary curiosities that are sure to amaze, delight and astound. Food Park has been a trend since late 2015 and will continue to stay. I’m glad that I was able to visit Backyard Food Park twice last month. My first visit was with my friend Mjoy and my second visit was with my wife.


My friend Mjoy invited me for a gastronomic adventure to celebrate her birthday and we both agreed to visit Backyard Food Park. There are more than 10 food stalls to choose from so this is a perfect place for us.

Papat’s Pizza & Inasal

Everybody loves pizza, and Papat’s Pizza & Inasal makes it so good that we made them our first order at the Park! They create perfectly baked pizzas with a variety of delicious toppings.

Longpocino & BBQ Chicken Pizza- Php240.00

They also offer pasta which perfectly match their pizza.

Cheesy Alfredo- Php120.00
Filipino Spaghetti- Php120.00

Plaza de Taqueria

I always enjoy a good Mexican food and these chili beef quesadillas made a simple and delicious snack.

Chili Beef Quesadilla- Php130.00

Shake O’Way

The rich fruity flavor of raspberry is a refreshing treat. Drinking raspberry juice is a way to detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

Raspberry- Php80.00

It was a fun-filled day and we even got a chance to meet and took pictures with some local celebrities.

Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia

My wife asked me to bring her to the Backyard Food Park one week after my first visit so she could have a glimpse of this cool grub place that everyone’s been talking about.

The Barn

I’m a sisigholic! Everytime there is a chance for me to try some sisig, I always grab that opportunity for me to taste my favorite kapampangan dish. The Barn’s sisig boosts with oozing flavor that will never disappoint you.

Sisig- Php99.00

Getta Pound Burger & Sausages

Just when we thought nothing could be better than bacon, we suddenly remember that a crowd favorite Getta Pound’s Bacon Mushroom Melt exists. Indulge in this fresh off the grill beef patty, american cheese, crispy bacon and mushroom served with french fries and catsup.

Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger- Php150.00

Shake O’Way

This blue lemonade was super fun and refreshing to drink. Perfect refreshment drink that will compliment any food that you can find at the Backyard Food Park.

Blue Lemonade- Php80.00

My wife and I wasn’t able to take a picture of us together since my camera’s battery got drained and I don’t have my phone with me. Anyway, it was the food that we’re after so it’s not that much of a loss. Backyard Food Park is definitely one of my favorite food parks in Quezon City and I’m looking forward to visit this place again so I can try more mouthwatering dishes from other food stalls that I missed.


Backyard Food Park
Block 11 Lot 7 Regalado Ave., corner Coronet St. Fairview, Quezon City


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