Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness

Last Sunday we went to UP Town Center to watch “Rogue One” but before doing that we went to Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina to have lunch then followed by desserts at Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness. My kids can’t hide their excitement when I told them that we will have a cool ice fix after our lunch.

Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness has been my kids favorite since they opened their first store here in the Philippines at Greenhills Shopping Center in 2014. Good thing, they now have a branch at the UP Town Center and it was just located beside Silantro which is my favorite Fil-Mex restaurant.


Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness humble beginning dates back to the summer of 1984 when Bob Tumolo, a former Philadelphia firefighter, decided to open a small Italian Ice business. Bob Tumolo opened his first store in Bensalem, PA and named the business after his wife, Rita. From a single store in 1984, Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness has grown tremendously with more than 500 stores in the United States alone.


The place is quite small. It was more of a take out with no seating inside the store for a crowd. There is some sitting outside the store but most of their customers just carry their Italian Ice treat as they roam around the mall.


Gelati is Rita’s bestseller and there’s two easy steps to complete this cold icy treat.

Step 1: Choose an Ice.


Step 2: Choose a Custard.


I’m a chocoholic so I decided to choose Fudge Brownie for my Ice and combination of Chocolate and Vanilla for my Custard.

Fudge Brownie Ice and Chocolate Vanilla Twist Custard Gelati- Php180.00

I personally love mixing the smoothness of ice cream with the tartness of ice. (One of my favorite combos is chocolate ice cream with raspberry sorbet). Rita’s Fudge Brownie Ice and Chocolate Vanilla Twist Custard didn’t disappoint. The Fudge Brownie Ice had a wonderful rich flavor which mixed perfectly with the Chocolate Vanilla Twist. It was basically a creamsicle with a choco twist.

Strawberry & Coffee Frozen Custard- Php145.00

You’ll be surprised with the heavenly taste of Rita’s Strawberry & Coffee Frozen Custard. Kind of like a soft serve ice cream except thicker and creamier. The regular size is great to share but if you get hook you might be wanting one on your own.

Oreo Chocolate Frozen Cake- Php120.00

Great alternative to your old boring cake. I love its rich creamy taste. Kids will definitely love this! 🙂


The service is really good here with workers making treats at a quick pace and willing to help without starting a ten minute conversation on what you might like. Their custard tastes heavenly! The ice too was so fine and it’s unique. Instead of having frappe after a meal, try Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness and I’m sure that it will melt your heart away.


Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness
Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City


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