Rufo’s Famous Tapa

Payday has finally arrived for most of us and it’s time to get spending all that hard earned cash. My friends and I agreed to have dinner and drink few bottles of beer at Rufo’s Famous Tapa at the UP Ayala Techohub which is just a few kilometers away from our office.


Rufo’s Famous Tapa is a 24-hour restaurant that’s famous for its Beef Tapa. Tapsilog have already marked its name as one of Pinoy’s All-time favorite breakfast grub. Different restaurants in the metro have already come up with their own version of Beef Tapa but nothing beats Rufo’s Famous Tapa. With its tender beef complimented by a flavorful sauce, you can never go wrong with Rufo’s for sure. Since all of us have already tried eating their Beef Tapa, we decided to try something else.

Pork Chop- Php139.00

Prime cut pork, seasoned with Rufo’s special spices and carefully fried to a golden brown. Served with Garlice Rice, Chicharon and Atchara. I do not usually like pork chops because they are so dry. These were absolutely marvelous. The marinade on these made them so very moist.

Embotido- Php89.00

A sumptuous combination of freshly-ground Laguna Pork sprinkled with raisins, herbs and seasonings is Rufo’s version of the Filipino meatloaf. Served with Garlice Rice, Chicharon and Atchara. Rufo’s Embotido is a bit sweet and I love it! 🙂

Chicken Sisig- Php89.00

Finely chopped cubes of fresh, juicy chicken flavored with special spices, onions and seasonings is the healthier version of our “Pinoy Pulutan”. Served with Garlice Rice, Chicharon and Sunny Side Up Egg.

Chopsuey- Php99.00

A flavorful Fil-oriental fusion of fresh garden vegetables, dried shrimp, chicken liver, sesame oil and spices. Chopsuey is a common dish and considered to be one of the top vegetable dishes. It’s good that they thicken the sauce of their Chopsuey to bring out its Chinese influence. If you’re a vegetarian, you will definitely love this dish.


My friends and I had a great dining experience at Rufo’s Famous Tapa. All of us were surprised that their overseen dishes are as good or even better than their famous tapa. Treating yourself doesn’t always mean pricey massages at the spa or weekend getaways. Good food and a fun-filled night with friends is enough to reward yourself.
Rufo’s Famous Tapa
U.P.-Ayaland Technohub Commonwealth Ave. Diliman, Quezon City



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