Cine Europa is turning 19 and this will be my 10th Cine Europa experience. It is one of the largest film festivals in the Philippines and this year will be their most exciting edition. A set of 24 European movies that are original, entertaining and thought-provoking will be presented during the festival from September 8 to 18 at the Shangri-la Plaza Cineplex.


Europe is almost synonymous to love, beauty and culture and it often showed in their films. This is a great venue for Filipino audience who would like to have a better understanding of the European culture and how the European film industry works. Films are made to inform, educate, entertain and motivate. This sense makes us appreciate films because at times, as such wakes us up to realizations and situations that happen in reality.


Upon release of the Cine Europa 19 screening schedule, I instantly marked my calendar and hoped not to fill anything else on those dates. I was determined to watch all the films and no one can peel me off my ultra comfy seat at the Shangri-la Plaza Cineplex. It’s been a tradition for me to always attend the opening night to have their limited edition program souvenir with film synopsis on it. Reading the film synopsis makes me more excited to watch all the films since most of the film entries are not like the traditional Filipino Mainstream Films that are often formulaic and some with empty rom-com plots. I’m sure that some of the films will make me laugh, cry and flutter.


Cine Europa 19 is very much about offering outstanding cinematic entertainment to the enthusiastic Filipino audience. Films that will surely take your emotions on a roller-coaster ride. They are also perhaps the most vivid illustration of the many distinct cinematic traditions that have come out of Europe, and the even greater variety of national and regional cultures that keep it alive and kicking.


This year’s line up of films is interesting and we’re excited to feel the thrill again of that Cine Europa experience. So if you love the movies and would like to be transported to different worlds, join us at the 19th Cine Europa at Shangri-la Plaza Cineplex. Ttickets are free on a first come, first served basis; so you should go early to get the best seats. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can take pictures with friends to capture this monumental event.



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