Cinemalaya 2016: My 10th Cinemalaya Experience

The 12th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is my 10th straight Cinemalaya experience and it’s been a tradition for me to always watch it in CCP even though they’re already showing the entries at Ayala Cinemas. Watching 3 t0 5 movies per day at CCP is a dizzying feat to be attempted for the strong and steadfast movie buff like me. You may visit Cinemalaya’s website or my Facebook Page Cinemacoy for the complete Festival Screening Schedule.

The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is the best venue for Pinoy Cinephiles who craves for excellent Filipino aesthetics that freely and boldly interprets brave and unconventional stories by young Filipino filmmakers.

Cinemalaya Program Souvenirs from 2008 to 2011

Here’s the Cinemalaya Program Souvenirs that I collected from 2008 to 2011. I can’t find my 2007 Cinemalaya Program Souvenir that’s why it’s not included in this photo. I still don’t have this year’s program souvenir but hopefully I’ll be getting mine tonight at the Opening Ceremony in CCP.

Cinemalaya Tickets for August 6 Screenings
Cinemalaya Tickets for August 7 Screenings

This year’s Cinemalaya will be happening on August 5-14 at CCP Theaters and Ayala Cinemas. I’m already setting my expectations that I’ll be witnessing another great chapter of Cinemalaya. Lots of big-budget actors in small-budget films with stories showcasing slice of life, comedy, introspective dramas and tragedies that pictures everyday life of different types of Filipino.


While many of the films will be enjoyable, the unpleasant truth is that not all of them will be good. Indeed, some will be lousy, for reasons including self-indulgence and the casting of stars in inappropriate roles. The trick is that no one knows which films are going to be excellent or genre-bending before they are made, or even before they are screened, which is what makes film festivals interesting.


Many of our influential personalities (celebrities, politicians, producers, directors, businessmen) are also present in the event and would even fall in line to secure tickets.


Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival became my independence, me as an audience member and lover of cinema. This Film Festival is a soulful account of the real-life event that horrified the nation, offering a barometer reading on the state of humanity in Philippine society today.  I still can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for a decade now and will continue to do so.

I hope that Cinemalaya’s mission to develop Philippine Cinema should realize and they will continue to be the medium in creating outstanding and unique stories that should be seen not only by Filipinos but also from Film enthusiasts all over the world.





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