When chicken wings hit the deep fryer, something magical happens. What was once a flabby, borderline useless part of the chicken that was most commonly used for stock suddenly becomes a crispy, juicy snack that’s perfectly good with just a little salt. But drench the wings in a combination of sauce and butter, and they become one of the most delicious foods known to man, and the perfect companion to a cold beer.

The Wings at Manila Wings have consistently been ranked among Metro Manila’s best and one of the many reasons why you should visit Lilac Street in Marikina City.


The store has limited capacity. The place is clean and cozy with its pseudo-American Diner-style theme with old-school Filipino movie posters hanging about.


Manila Wings (Wing Plate)- Php156.00
3 pieces Chicken Wings with Mixed Vegetables

The slightly sweet barbecue flavor in this sauce provides mass appeal…and the need to keep eating more wings!


Honey Garlic (Wing Plate)- Php156.00
3 pieces Chicken Wings with Mixed Vegetables

These super crispy  garlic buffalo wings are big on flavor and crispiness. The sauce is perfectly spicy and packed full of garlic.


Chips ‘n Salsa- Php75.00

I love the play of colors. This is a very interesting take to the famous Nachos perfectly paired with Salsa.


The universal appeal of the Buffalo wing can’t be denied. The Buffalo wing is one of the most easily accessible, enjoyable, fun foods known to man, and is served just about everywhere. I salute Manila Wings in positioning Buffalo wings as the ultimate “man food” — greasy, salty, messy, spicy, and addictive.

Manila Wings is a perfect place for foodies who wants to have a different and exciting Gastronomic Experience. If you’re wandering around Marikina’s Lilac Street, you should check out Manila Wings.


#40 Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Mobile No. +63922 866 43 27


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