We only live once so why not enjoy your life to the fullest by treating yourself to your favorite comfort food. There are few things in life better than a bowl of authentic and properly-constructed handmade noodles. In Fairview (Quezon City), it’s hard to find a noodle place with the real thing. Good news cos I’ve encountered Kazhu Hand-pulled Noodles in Ayala Fairview Terraces.


The restaurant’s interior will transport you to China and the history of Kanzhu Hand-pulled noodles which is printed on one of their wall.

Hand-pulled Noodles (la mian 拉面) is a Lanzhou delicacy, also famous in Kanzhu, and is crafted by repeatedly stretching the dough. Noodles need to be kneaded for long periods of time to get a chewy consistency.


Braised Beef & Tendon Noodle Soup- Php185.00

Begin with a slurp of the broth of the steaming bowl of noodles, which tasted flavorful, strapping and with mid-level spiciness.  My chopstick picked up a few strands of the noodles, a piece of the beef and I went on and on, on repeat mode for the rest of my lunch.


Delicious Chicken with Chinese Pepper Gravy- Php280.00

Pair the hand-pulled noodles with a delicious chicken and pepper gravy, and you’ll have a hearty meal that will have you wishing you’d worn bigger pants.


Vegetable Fried Rice- Php150.00

Vegetable fried rice, this is one dish that needs no introduction, and indeed it finds a place in every menu – from the street-side to five-star eateries! cooked rice combined with neatly cut veggies and tossed in special sauce.


Kazhu Hand-pulled Noodles was labeled as the No. 1 Noodles on Earth. I’m glad that they have a branch at Ayala Fairview Terraces which is 30 minutes away from home. It’s the texture of the noodles that keep patrons coming back. Their chewiness is a reflection of the effort the chefs put in to knead the flour and stretch it before cooking.


3/F Ayala Fairview Terraces, Maligaya Road Corner Quirino Highway,
Fairview, Quezon City




  1. I must say that Kanzhu is at par with Lan zhou la Mien when it comes to richness of the broth and chewiness of their hand-pulled noodles. Kudos for this great review. Keep it up and I’m wishing you all the best and success of your blog. Pop Talk should invite you cos you’re really good. I’m a big fan of your blog and will continue to follow all your posts.


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