Good photography has nothing to do with your equipment, it comes from passion. It doesn’t matter whether its a Nikon or a Canon or a Pinhole camera. Passion for shooting subjects that you love, passion for getting it.

If you love photography, Caffera is the perfect place for you to have your coffee fix. Located in Maginhawa Street- the famous food haven of Quezon City. Maginhawa Street has made its mark on the culinary map with its penchant for bizarrely themed restaurants. Caffera is yet another reason why foodies should visit Maginhawa Street.


At Caffera, you are greeted with its walls adorned with vintage cameras, incandescent lights designed with inverted camera lens mugs, and various photographs.

How about the nom noms?

Caffera Café serves hot and cold coffee blends in camera lens mugs and pastries topped with small camera fondants.


Tiramisu Frapperture- Php140.00

It’s difficult to make something as simple as a coffee drink taste like a complex dessert, but hey, kudos to Caffera for trying it. If you’ve got a major sweet tooth, you will definitely enjoy this heavenly drink.


Passion Fruit- Php100.00

A refreshing tropical smoothie perfect to quench your thirst.


Red Velvet Cupcake- Php80.00

These moist, dense Red Velvet Cupcakes are as luxurious as they sound–complete with their signature red color and to-die-for White Chocolate-Amaretto Frosting.


Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores- Php110.00

Everything you love about soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies paired with the greatness of a campfire s’more. I was blown away in every bite.


Camera Cookie- Php35.00

Celebrating the yellow masters of disasters with these adorable and mouthwatering sweet treat.


My kids can’t resist to take a picture with the small camera candy on top of their Red Velvet Cupcake.

I’m very glad that we were able to visit this place. If you love photography and coffee, visit Caffera along the famous Maginhawa Street for a new and youthful vibe of a themed cafe.


Unit 204 2/F, Dona Zenona Suites, 54 Maginhawa St. cor. Mahusay St.,
UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Diliman, Quezon City


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