If being a foodie is a crime, I’ll be locked up in jail. If your idea of a fun day is having lunch inside a jail or a courtroom, well, Caffe Piansa, prison themed restaurant is for you. The idea of this restaurant is pretty unique and the first in the Philippines. This cafe is located in Marikina City, and a little hard to find , advisable for you to ride a tricycle from Calumpang and the tricycle driver will take you there.


The atmosphere is very appropriate to the theme, so did the menu. The environment is laid back, not quite as “spooky” as I was hoping but still an enjoyable experience. It was a unique dining experience for me and my family because we’ve never been inside a jail and it actually feels good to dine inside a prison themed restaurant.


Republican Marriage- Php200.00

You can’t go wrong with this rich and meaty lasagna. It was well cooked and presented in generous portion sizes.


Cat O’ Nine Tails- Php280.00

Outstanding pizza! I love the play of colors and flavors! Yummy! 🙂

Caffe Piansa is one of the many reasons why you should visit Marikina City. This is quite a surreal experience for us. My kids enjoyed playing around the restaurant and we will definitely go back to Caffe Piansa to try their other dishes.


Caffe Piansa
57 Dragon St., Midtown Subdivision
San Roque, Marikina City
+63 2 631 4751


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