1… 2… 3… BOODLE FIGHT!

Close your eyes. Imagine an eye-catching and colorful details, lots of yummy food and the company of your friends. Now open your eyes and feast yourself to a festive Philippine Fiesta turned into a birthday party. Joshua Morrison just got a surprise birthday party from the Benefitfocus folks of Eclaro Philippines.


So for today’s party showcase, aside from celebrating Joshua’s birthday, it’s also about showing our famed Filipino fiesta culture – from the colorful and creative decors, to the amazingly delicious Filipino-inspired sweet treats and the highly anticipated boodle fight.


For the venue decorations, we kept it clean, straightforward and so fiesta-rrific. Honestly, nothing completes the whole Philippine fiesta atmosphere than these colorful banderitas. The bright and vibrant colors everywhere! The colorful banderitas immediately enthralled everyone including Joshua. It definitely set a true Pinoy festive tone to the party.


We used banana leaves as table runners and placing our favorite filipino dishes on top of it for our boodle fight. What truly defines a Filipino-themed party is the authentic all-Filipino menu. Pork & Chicken Adobo, Roasted Chicken, Pork Sisig, Pancit, Fried Eggplant with Shrimp Paste and some fruits filled our hungry tummy.


A Birthday party will never be complete without giving a gift to the celebrant. Joshua received something special from us that will remind him of his visit here in the Philippines. To take off two things from his bucket list, we gave him a miniature jeepney and a shirt with the Philippine Flag printed on it.

The excitement of keeping a secret, the element of surprise and the risk of the plan leaking out makes the whole idea of a surprise party so much fun. All of us are very pleased that our surprised party for Joshua turned out pretty well as planned though we have limited time to prepare. We hope that this is one of his most memorable if not the best birthday party that he have. All of us had a blast and it is always best to share fun moments with your friends in the office just to refresh and become more motivated in doing a great job at work. 🙂



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