Tired and hungry from watching “Las Gallinas de Cervates” at the new Cinematheque Centre Manila, my friend and I agreed to have dinner at The Eatles in P. Noval near UST. I’m a big fan of The Beatles and The Eatles is the perfect grub place for a fan like me.


The Eatles is the first and only Beatles-inspired restaurant here in the Philippines. Offering a unique British-inspired menu and showcases British memorabilia and other icons reminiscent of the groovy sixties.

Front Door
Bus Kitchen

The Eatles goal was to create a psychedelic interpretation of The Beatles era. The interactive design, art, and sound transports guests back to a time when Beatlemania was in full swing.

Dining Area

Beatlemania began in the 1960s, but it didn’t go away when the rock group stopped making music — the band’s songs have continued to twist and shout their way into the hearts of millions.

British Memorabilia

The Eatles offers a wide variety of food choices from pasta, pizza, salad, rice meals and soup. Sad to say, Black Buns for their Black Cheeseburger is not available during our visit so we have no choice but to have it on a regular burger bun.

The Menu

While waiting for our food, we decided to have our mandatory pictorial. lol 🙂



Enough of our selfie. Let’s take a look at their food!

Eatles Cheeseburger- Php175.00
Old Fashion Burger- Php125.00

Each bite on their Old Fashion Burger and Eatles Cheseburger is an explosion of flavors on your mouth just exactly how you want your burgers to be. It is served with home-made thick-cut fries that’s more flavourful and rewarding than fastfood fries.

Supreme Pizza- Php385.00

Loaded with pepperoni, spiced ham, and a variety of vegetables. We love it!

Buffalo Wings- Php180.00

The unique contrast of spicy and sweet makes these Buffalo Wings one desirable flavor. You will definitely experience love at first taste.

Farfalle Pasta- Php195.00

Bow-tie pasta and strips of chicken breast are tossed with a medley of onions, sundried tomatoes, basil, pepper and garlic.


My friends and I had a great dining experience and are transported down to memory lane with a smile. All of us know that The Beatles changed the way we think of music today and throughout history. If you are a music lover and a foodie like I am, you should visit The Eatles.


The Eatles
1175 P. Noval St. cor. Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila





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