Last Friday night, I had dinner at Blackpepper in Don Antonio Heights with my friends. Blackpepper is an Al fresco restaurant serving Italian-Mexican-Western fusion cuisine. I know it may sound really weird but I guess their goal is to cater food to more customers with different taste.


The place is very laid-back and comfy. You can enjoy your food while drinking your favorite beer and having small talks with your friends. The place is really small so you can easily memorize the faces of the people eating on the other tables. You can also find new friends here just like me.

Meet my Newfound Friends from the other table. 🙂

Looking at their menu, you can find everything from nachos, burrito, burgers and steak. They also serve pizza but for some reason it’s not listed on their menu.

The Menu

It’s time to judge their food! 🙂

Blackpepper Steak- Php228.00
Corn Rice

The black pepper steak is so juicy and flavorful. … The beef is tender, moist and rich, with a pungent and spicy flavor that goes perfectly with steamed rice.

Beef Nachos Overload- Php178.00

Exactly what you’re looking for in nachos: chips, ground beef, melty cheese, salsa, fresh tomato and a jalapeño zap. Nachos are also served with three sauces (sour cream, cucumber and chili cucumber).

Chic N’ Lime- Php150.00

Grilled chicken fillet with herbs and spices.  A wonderful citrusy marinade makes this chicken tangy and tasty. Cilantro lime chicken is a classic Southwestern favorite and Blackpepper captures the taste that every fan is craving for.

Blackpepper Alfredo- Php180.00

I’m not a fan of seafood pasta but this one is an exception. A deliciously simple, yet very impressive seafood pasta dish with cream and Parmesan. They use a basic alfredo sauce, but with less fat and calories than most.

Beef Burrito- Php160.00


Meet my Taste Buddies! Cheska, Mike, Glee, Ally, Ruffy, Ayie, Chynna and Gladys. All of us had a life-changing dining experience at Blackpepper. I will definitely visit Blackpepper again pretty soon but next time with my family.


16 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila




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