Isla Una is the latest addition to the roster of restaurants at City Golf Plaza in Pasig City. Foodies should definitely add Isla Una on their bucket list of New Restaurants to visit. We Filipinos love to try different restaurants cos we have passion for delicious food.


Isla Una is a three-storey Casual Filipino Dining Restaurant that proudly serves Filipino dishes with exciting twist. Each floor has its own theme to attract more customers from different walks of life.


If you’re planning to have a family lunch or a lunch date with your special someone, Isla Una’s first floor is the perfect spot for you. You will enjoy the relax, modern and laid back feel of the dining area while enjoying your favorite Filipino dish.


If you’re planning to go out with your friends or colleagues to drink after your shift or during payday, Isla Una’s second floor will welcome you with their industrial, cozy and youthful club vibe with pounding music and darkened lights. You will enjoy their signature cocktails and drinks perfect for a fun-filled bonding moments with your friends.


Isla Una’s third floor is an Al fresco dining place which has a cool breeze despite no air-conditioning perfect for those people who want to see the beauty of the metro.


Isla Una’s menu offers a wide variety of flavors from different regions across the Philippines. They are championing old-fashioned cooking that makes their dishes more exceptional.

Nachos- Php199.00

Tortilla chips topped with tomato salsa, minced beef and cheese sauce.

Chicharon Bulaklak- Php220.00

Crispy pork intestines deep-fried in oil. Perfect match for beer.

Sizzling Sisig- Php225.00

Chopped pork face and liver tossed with onions and seasoned with soy sauce and calamansi.

Sizzling Bulalo- Php490.00

Slow oven-baked beef shanks braised in Filipino-style herb mushroom gravy.

Prawn Aligue- Php280.00

Prawns cooked in smothering and creamy aligue sauce.

Chiffon de Leche- Php180.00

Chiffon cake topped with a layer of blow-torched Leche Flan

Signature Cocktails

Isla Una just recently added their Signature Cocktails to their menu. You can order them for only Php500.00 for one pitcher.

Dugong Bughaw

All of the dishes that they serve are very impressive. Isla Una exceeded the value of my money. Isla Una is not just famous with their impressive Filipino Dishes but also to their excellent customer service. If you want to have a memorable gastronomic experience where you can be proud that you are a Filipino, please visit Isla Una! 🙂


City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City


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