Lan Zhou La Mien

My friends and I went to Binondo yesterday to celebrate Chinese New Year. Dragon and Tiger Dance, Human Flame Thrower and Street Dance all over Chinatown are definitely an eye candy for everyone who join the event.



Tired and hungry from wandering around Chinatown, we decided to eat lunch at Lan Zhou La Mien which is honored as one of the pioneers in introducing hand-pulled noodles. Lan Zhou La Mien is just a few stores away from Ma Su Ki which was another noodle place that I wanted to try.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea are served to all their customers while waiting for their food. It was soothing, calming and the best part is it’s for free! 🙂


Chopped Celery were set on the table for garnishing. It goes perfectly with Lan Zhou La Mien’s hand-pulled noodles.

Beef La Mien- Php140.00

We ordered their famous Beef La Mien and it was delicious. The appearance, texture and taste of the noodles really made this bowl a class above what I’ve tried in other restaurants.

Spare Ribs La Mien- Php140.00

If you want something spicy, you should order Spare Ribs La Mien. I love the soup as it warms your body as you’re munching on these delicious noodle treat.

Tao Chow Guisado- Php180.0Ta0

Tao Chow Guisado w/ chicken toppings, fried egg & veggies! One of the best here Hands down. We love the smell and the look of it.

Lan Zhou La Mien is definitely a good place to eat. The noodles were wonderful! The soup stock was good too– not too salty and there’s a little hint of sweetness. Meat was good, not dry. We will definitely visit Lan Zhou La Mien again in the future to try their other dishes.


Lan Zhou La Mien
1354, Masangkay Street, Benavidez St,
Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila


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