Miguel & Maria


Miguel & Maria is the latest addition to the roster of restaurants located at Marikina City’s food haven Lilac Street. Owned by food lover Miguel and Maria who are also husband and wife. The restaurant’s interior is very casual and welcoming, perfect for family gatherings or special occassions. My wife and I agreed to have lunch at Miguel & Maria before heading to Gateway Mall to watch several films that are part of QCinema International Film Festival.

IMG_2842 IMG_2830 IMG_2837 IMG_2843

Here’s what we’ve ordered…

Paella De Carne- Php350.00 The meat lover’s kind of Paella

It was made to order and brought on its own table. Then it was served straight from the pan to our plates with pride and delicacy. It included some huge chunks of pork and was delightfully thick and tangy.

Mac & Cheese- Php220.00 Macaroni smothered in Miguel & Maria’s homemade cheese

Baked in a traditional way using casserole baked in an oven. Every bite is an explosion of flavors on your mouth.


Miguel & Maria offers very good food and very kind service. The waiter was very helpful and patient with us we enjoyed it very much. If you’re wandering around Lilac Street, please visit Miguel & Maria.

IMG_2829 IMG_2828

Miguel & Maria
89 Lilac Corner Panaroma Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City


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