StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park


StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park is a living proof that Maginhawa Street will never run out of something new to offer. Maginhawa Street is popularly known as Quezon City’s Food Haven that gives you the thrill of discovering themed restaurants, reliable and comfortable cafe that’s right for  your budget.


Customized shipping containers, food truck and backyard picnic style dining are being featured in StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park.

20610_10204464013589630_5549573304670800735_n 11825661_10204464013149619_4736200698263840837_n 11822552_10204464015229671_8465535801362564853_n 11828606_10204464014709658_5139009571377614434_n

Me Love You Long Time

11214335_10204464006349449_8629709432219543688_n 11800340_10204464006469452_6767130131847276055_n

Lhaksa- Php159.00

11145157_10204464017229721_2762405966344331257_n 11825628_10204464017469727_5141064677431145010_n

The Lost Bread


The Doughfee-Php99.00

The Carnival- Php99.00


Saucy Food Manila

10985407_10204464006389450_3041245528508082841_n 11800431_10204464007749484_1280875899483081670_n

Cheesy Garlic Chicken- Php99.00

11811555_10204464015629681_6954973509343890867_n 11057378_10204464015709683_6981084274139995323_n

Endless Summer Cafe

11836770_10204464012189595_5311652060962484728_n 11831823_10204464012549604_2101192919334831932_n

Creamy Dory- Php99.00

11811324_10204464008629506_9179871211335953191_n 11831773_10204464012429601_4549874156196501183_n

Me and my friend Mjoy had a great dining experience at the new StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park. We will definitely visit this place again for another exciting gastronomic experience.


StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park
91 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Quezon City


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