Fantasia Cafe


I’ve been dreaming to visit Venice as far as I can remember. Fantasia Cafe at Ayala Fairview Terraces makes my dream into a reality. The beauty and glamour of Venice was presented in a modern and fine dining experience at Fantasia Cafe. I was surprised that my wife placed a dinner reservation at Fantasia Cafe to celebrate Father’s Day.

IMG_0771 IMG_0772  IMG_0773 IMG_0774

Me and my family were enthralled with the chandeliers, huge cushioned seats, big tables, ball masks and headdresses. You can see the bright interiors from the outside that’s why all passersby couldn’t help taking a peek. Fantasia Cafe is indeed Fantasia. Its fancy name written in fancy letters and purple color is enough to pique our curiosity. Fantasia Cafe serves delicious-looking crepes, waffles, and toasts plus cold treats. We didn’t visit Fantasia for their desserts but for their savory rice meals and pasta dishes. Let’s take a look at their food! 🙂

IMG_0694 IMG_0692

Pan Fried Fish w/ Sweet Pepper Sauce- Php185.00

The fish was seasoned enough, fresh and delicious. We were mislead by their menu as it shows free Iced Tea but to no avail. Good thing, the pasta was cooked al dente. Perfect match for their Pan Fried Fish w/ Sweet Pepper Sauce.

IMG_0696 IMG_0697

BBQ Baby Back Ribs- Php185.00

Soft and juicy meat in sweet sauce. It was very easy to eat and the flavor was also good.

IMG_0686 IMG_0706

French Fries- Php68.00


Four Seasons- Php115.00

IMG_0710 IMG_0708

Cookie Cholocalate Cake (Max’s Restaurant)

IMG_0768 IMG_0761 IMG_0764IMG_0750 IMG_0719

Overall, It was a great dining experience for me and my family. What we enjoyed here really was the space, the masks, the headdresses, and our bonding. Definitely a good place for picture taking.


Fantasia Cafe

Ayala Fairview Terraces, Maligaya Road,Fairview, Quezon City


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