Karnitas Korner

Karnitas Korner is the newest hole -in-the-wall in the famous food haven Kapitolyo. If you haven’t tried Porchetta, this a perfect place for you. You will be surprised with an unexpected gastronomic journey where you can enjoy hearty gourmet dishes.

Karnitas Korner got its name from the Spanish word Carnitas which means small pieces of meat. It refers to the sliced porchetta cut into small pieces and added to different types of dishes.

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Modern Hand-painted mural on the wall done in freestyle emulates the interior of Karnitas Korner. The place is very relaxing and accommodating. This where modern industrial meets art and color.


Porchetta Rice- Php185.00

Succulent pork loin that’s oven-roasted to perfection on top of a generous serving of white rice, soft-boiled egg, and roasted corn slaw.


Braised Pulled Beef Short Ribs Rice- Php185.00

slow-cooked pulled beef on top of a generous serving of white rice, soft-boiled egg, and roasted corn slaw.

The best way to enjoy their Rice Dishes is by mixing and tossing everything around to spread the flavors evenly. Explosion of flavors in your mouth!


Braised Pulled Beef Short Ribs Sandwich- Php185.00

The Braised Pulled Beef Short Ribs Sandwich has slow-cooked pulled beef, caramelized onions, and cucumbers in mango barbeque sauce. These sandwiches come with fresh Ciabatta bread and are served with crispy onion frizzles on the side.


Karnitas House Blend Iced Tea- Php60.00


Four Seasons Juice- Php50.00


Ripe Mango Juice- Php50.00

Karnitas Korner is currently the only one specializing in porchetta, making it a dining destination for those caving for this Italian comfort food. Be sure to visit and have your lunch, merienda or dinner here at Karnitas Korner! Enjoy the day with your family, friends, partners, or a treat for yourself!


24-A Fil-Am Road, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Contact Nos: 696-4559 / 0916-7041378 / 0908-1437164

Instagram: @karnitaskorner


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