Kichitora of Tokyo


SM Megamall is the first international branch for Kichitora Worldwide. Kichitora of Tokyo brings you the authentic flavor of Japanese ramen. Their aim is to share this Japanese dining experience with the rest of the world.

Kichitora: In English, “Kichi” means Lucky, while “Tora” means Tiger. Each character represents a symbol for the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora.

IMG_9797 IMG_9785 IMG_9788 IMG_9800

I often ask foodies what their favorite ramen is and Kichitora is consistently mentioned. I finally got to try it and I can see why they love it here.

IMG_9806 IMG_9805

Let’s take a look at their food…


Paitan Zenbu No Se- Php420.00

The pork slices in the Paitan Zenbu No Se were really tender, so much so it would break from my chopsticks even before I would intentionally break it, a good sign of great meat cooking for me. Meats – not fatty – were also savory and flavorful, and the vegetables still crisp from the blanching. The noodles were cooked just right, firm and not soggy. Paitan Zenbu No Se proves why Japanese noodle soup is considered as Japan’s soul food.


Pork Chasu Rice (small size)- Php175.00

I noticed that they were really generous with the pork! The meat and the rice were solidly colored brown, maybe because of too much soy sauce. I could tell they served for the value because the mere sight of the bowl was amazing. it was overflowing with pork and vegetables anyone hungry would have loved it.


Almond Jelly- Php150.00

This is probably the most boring item on their menu. It doesn’t look and taste good. The serving is very small. You won’t get the value of your money.


It’s great to know that this ramen chain was conceptualized by Filipinos with Japanese partners. If you’re looking for a rich chicken broth ramen, I recommend going to Kichitora.


Kichitora of Tokyo
2F Mega Atrium, SM Mega Mall
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City


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