Pedro N Coi


My son Ethan Melo just turned 3! And to celebrate his third birthday, my family and I agreed to celebrate Ethan Melo’s Birthday at Pedro N Coi. Good thing we got there quite early it didn’t take long for us to get a table.

Pedro N Coi serves traditional Filipino dishes, owned by no less than Beauty Queen Shamcey Supsup and her husband Lloyd Lee, located at the 3F of Fisher Mall in Quezon City.

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Pedro N Coi’s concept is a big winner, a pure product of the owners’ creative thinking and readiness to take risks. Shamcey didn’t put her talent and skills into waste. She is an architect hence the spectacular design of the place. Creativeness is evident from the names of the dishes to the restaurant’s interiors.

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Here’s what we ordered…

11202852_10203928507562314_7246033897378965909_n 11022622_10203928508242331_2992417417843376739_n

JOEY DE LECHON (Lechon)- Php380.00

11203087_10203928509642366_6542465966423003515_n 11205017_10203928509522363_8785616514931513007_n

BELLY FLORES (Bangus Belly)- Php285.00

11164604_10203928507242306_8254352315933994508_n 11128369_10203928507002300_5612159935297840238_n

MOYMOY PALABOK (Palabok)- Php210.00

11219593_10203928508882347_9141763227294176246_n 11203151_10203928510042376_3081349676084051167_n

KANIN NI KUMANDER BAWANG (Garlic Rice)- Php155.00

11150367_10203928510242381_635654333630757605_n 1545550_10203928508562339_3116577397590587206_n

TOCINO IS TO BELIEVE (Tocino Rice)- Php195.00

11174774_10203928509042351_8326574535261729387_n 11209658_10203928509162354_1282290270684068317_n

IHAW MOTO (Chicken BBQ)- Php245.00

11169931_10203928510522388_5333970788855742296_n 10391449_10203928510362384_7148757510591788391_n

PUDING NI DONYA BUDING (Puding w/ Ice Cream)- PHp165.00

11182273_10203928505642266_7205589121277184904_n 11012758_10203928514442486_7594964980358389454_n 11178284_10203928512762444_8030768992194450757_n

The food taste differently and I mean that in a good way. My family and I liked everything that we ordered. So if you want to eat delicious Pinoy Food with a twist, experience Pedro N Coi and I’m sure you won’t regret it.
Pedro N Coi
3rd Level, Fisher Mall
325 Quezon Ave. corner Roosevelt Ave., Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City


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