I Am Kim is your fun and colorful ‘build your own bibimbap’ spot where you can choose among a bounty of charcoal-grilled toppings for your sizzling stone bowl rice.

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Korean food right now is getting popular in the Philippines, but the way people do it here is still like a one-stop-shop where you can get bibimbap, bulgogi, barbecue, chapchae–all the same kind of menu. What I love about I am Kim is that they are only focused on bibimbap. It’s easy and accessible, you can’t go wrong with rice and grilled meat. A bibimbap (or ‘bi bim bop,’ or ‘bap’ for short) should feel right at home, as it is a comfort food of mixed rice — which is what the term bibimbap means (Actually, no, none).

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The vibe in I am Kim is fun with bright colors and a large whimsical mural anchoring the space. They’ve got different seating options and even spaces for solo diners.

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The B.E.C Bap (Large)- Php400.00

The B.E.C. Bap comes with bacon, poached egg, grilled chicken thigh, bok choy, green peas and teriyaki sauce (on the side). Put the sauce into the bowl and mix really well and just scoop away.

I Am Kim uses stone bowls keep your bap sizzling hot, creating a crisp layer of rice at the bottom part of the bowl. This was not aggressive in taste so it needed more of the bulgogi and gochujang.

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I Am Kim’s bowls of sizzling mixed rice stand out among the many Korean restaurants in the metro that serve bibimbap. They injected an aspect of fun in the erstwhile common looking bibimbap bowls one can find in many a Korean restaurant. I will definitely go back to I am Kim. Next time, I will try their ‘build your own bibimbap’.


Basement 1 Estancia Mall
Capitol Commons Meralco Avenue
Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City


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