Vikings is undeniably one of the most popular buffets in the Philippines.
They remain on top because of their extensive quality buffet stations.

Vikings SM Megamall was built to accommodate up to 500 guests, but I must warn you.. The place still gets packed. If ever you’re going to eat there, it is advisable to reserve a seat so you will not end up lining up in queues.

1397484_10202886033861123_3498282977986002691_o 10700178_10202886032621092_1473596053756824556_o

When I entered their dining area, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with lavish interiors, sophisticated enough to give a hotel buffet a run for its money. Elegant set up with patterned tiles, creative frames and artistic designs. This looked more like a modern art exhibit than a buffet fit for a Viking.

10668643_10202886030461038_3752946769920652865_o 1519375_10202886045501414_1083165751850625630_o 1926287_10202886030261033_5982460563024926968_o

I don’t know where to start as I’m wandering around their different food stations.

1492416_10202886028500989_1763088700468983227_o 1404787_10202886028140980_6569888071374990048_o 1398396_10202886035661168_8088576692406221476_o 10553683_10202886035861173_5601900820946457395_o

Let’s take a look at my plate…

10636914_10202886020900799_3188694815210138581_o 10476602_10202886042901349_2174166057811205405_o 10293712_10202886022780846_567672168378407261_o 10713987_10202886021580816_7247428088640663239_o

I am lucky enough to have friends whose willing to join me on my Food Adventures. Dining together with family or friend forms a special bond. Though it often need not matter how fancy the place is, it’s refreshing to see that there is an affordable alternative when wanting to dine at an eat all you can buffet.

Vikings is making the feel of luxury dining more affordable to the people. I will definitely go back to Vikings.


4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall
Building D, SM Megamall
Julia Vargas, Cor. Edsa
Mandaluyong, Philippines


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