Shi Lin


On one lazy Sunday afternoon, my family and I agreed to dine out together at Trinoma Mall. Before watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, we decided to eat dinner first. We were in the mood for some Chinese/Taiwanese food. So we opted for this restaurant serving authentic Taiwanese epicurean delights: Shi Lin.

Shi Lin authentic Taiwanese restaurant is named after the largest and most famous night market in the city of Taiwan, the Shih Lin Night Market.

IMG_9390 IMG_9392 IMG_9391 IMG_9369

The place was clean and the lighting was warm. Tables with an overlay of wood design and red chairs and booth seats were spaced appropriately giving ample space for waiters to mill around the restaurant. The walls exhibit patterns of wood projecting a modern vibe to this Taiwanese interior. Feeling famished, my eyes began to trek the menu.
Here’s what we ordered…

IMG_9404 IMG_9406

Fried Rice with Pok Chop and Egg- Php238.00

The Pork chop was quickly followed by a glistening bowl of Fried Rice with Egg which was satisfying. The tender pork encrusted with crispness exudes with such umami flavor that is appetizing enough to warrant deadly stares upon signs of stealing hands. The serving is pretty big. Good for 2-3 persons.

IMG_9394 IMG_9400

Noodles with Doubled-Boiled Beef Soup- Php155.00

This bowl despite being tasty, was delicate and very mellow. Even the beef and veggies weren’t too overbearing, so a bowl is definitely perfect to keep yourself warm during the rainy days, or to calm you down when having a bad day.

IMG_9389 IMG_9386

IMG_9412 IMG_9410

Overall, we’ve had a really enjoyable lunch at Shi Lin. The dining space was clean, service was fast and very courteous, and the food didn’t only taste great, but were also reasonably priced. I know we’ll return back to this restaurant for another gastronomic Taiwanese feast.


Shi Lin
4/F Trinoma, Garden, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City


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