Happy Cream Puff


Happy Cream Puff was born in year 2006 in Alabang. Due to popular demand, they decided to transfer in Makati City in year 2009 with two branches. They recently opened a branch at the newest wing of Shangri-la Mall. Their passion to bring us fresh cream puffs daily is just unstoppable.

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Happy Cream Puff offers a wide array of unique dessert choices and drinks. Famous with their home made Cream puff, Petit Puff, Eclair, Customized Croquembouche (French for “crunch in the mouth”) is a tall pyramid of petit puffs glued together with caramel, it can be ordered a day before and can be decorated with a greeting, colored candy sprinkles, or any assortment of flavors and colors to your party motif. Croquembouche is ideal for big celebrations, a centerpiece that isn’t what you see regularly. Old sights of cakes, that’s the norm. Be different and get this tower of Petit Cream Puffs for a change. Besides, it isn’t just a display. The taste is absolutely a champ!



Here’s what we ordered….


Dark & White- Php25.00


Sliced Almond Chocolate- Php25.00


Cocoa Powder- Php25.00


Dark Sweet Chocolate- Php25.00


Chocolate Chips- Php25.00


Caramel- Php25.00


Sprinkles (Strawberry)- Php25.00


Whole Almod Chocolate- Php25.00


Green Tea- Php25.00


Blueberry- Php25.00

Happy Cream Puff sticks to the sweet side yet not overdoing it with excessive sweetness. They only use fresh ingredients starting from vanilla beans, sugar, salt, butter, margarine, mineral water and chocolate. They always make sure that their cream puffs are always fresh, natural and without preservatives.

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Happy Cream Puff will never be left out with their “EAT ALL UOU CAN” promo.

Lunch (11:30 am to 2:30 pm)- Php499.00
Dinner (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm)- Php590.00

I recommend Happy Cream Puff simply because of the non-sweet factor of puffs baked freshly everyday. The moment you order it, that’s the only time they inject the cream inside those flavored puffs. If you’re wandering aroung Shangri-la Mall, try to visit Happy Cream Puff! 🙂
Happy Cream Puff
5/F Shangri-la Plaza, East Wing, Edsa cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 10am-9pm

Contact: (+632) 817-4234 / (+632) 707-1263


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