Cupcake Bites Cafe


It’s no secret that I’ve been frequently visiting Lilac Street in SSS Village, Marikina City. Aside from the fact that you will never run out of restaurant options to choose from, quirky and posh themed restaurants are present in Lilac Street.

I’m sure a lot of you will agree: there are many cupcakeries out there who charge steep prices for cupcakes that taste like cardboard. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve rolled my eyes and shook my head after taking a bite out of a dry, overpriced cupcake. Give me a dry cupcake, you’re done.

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Cupcake Bites Cafe will delight your taste with sweet designs and sweet tooth. I love cupcakes. I really do! So when my wife and I decided to have a little food adventure, I was glad to have a chance to visit this cafe.

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Inside Cupcake Bites Cafe were posh pink couches, a small display of their cupcakes, typhography prints of cupcake-loving remarks and lots more cupcake knick-knacks as designs. Pinks and pastel colors  of the store’s interior added more of the “sweet” theme — to which my wife fancied lots. Their lights were strainers redesigned and thought immediately how creative and cool they were.

Cupcake Bites Cafe offers cupcakes with interesting flavors. We got ourselves those Choco Yema and Oreo Cupcake— all cutely served in our own cupcake stand. Exactly the right amount of sweetness with crunchy bit on every bite.

Let’s take a look at their goodies….


Chocolate Cream Cup- Php72.00


Cheesecake- Php90.00


Smores Tart- Php70.00


Blueberry Cheesecake- Php95.00


Oreo Cheesecake- Php95.00


Choco Fudge- Php65.00


Reese’s Peanut Butter- Php 72.00


Banana w/ Nutella Frosting- Php69.00


Carrot Walnut w/ Cream Chesse Frosting- Php65.00


Lemon Rainbow Cupcake- Php65.00


Mocha Cupcake- Php65.00


Oreo Cupcake- Php65.00


Choco Yema- Php 65.00

11160000_10203836331137961_7985835169496229216_n 10409312_10203836331297965_2798244597818958559_n 10557164_10203836330017933_3940675208990819142_n

Visit Cupcake Bites Cafe along Lilac Street and indulge in luscious cupcakes created with love. This place is really adorable and cute and I hope it gets a lot of sweet-loving from various visitors who fancy the pink side of snacks and homemade pastries.


73 Bennt II, Lilac Street,
SSS Village, Concepcion Dos,
Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 624-8893


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