Cookie Mug


Lilac Street in SSS Vilage Marikina will never run out of interesting food places. Cookie Mug is a cool dessert cafe at the other end of Lilac Street.

Before entering the restaurant, a statue of Betty Boop will welcome you. Looking at Betty Boop will immediately set you in a good mood. As soon you Kookie Mug, you’ll get immediately drawn to the place by the smell of baked goodies and freshly brewed coffee.

Looking at their menu makes me more excited because they have a wide variety of coffee and milk tea to choose from. They also offer Pasta and Pastries.

Let’s take a look at what they offer….


Spaghetti Roll- Php55.00


Hamdog- Php80.00


Monster Cupcake- Php60.00


Coffee Butter Cream Cupcake- Php35.00


Choco Chunky Brownies- Php 25.00


Marble Cream Cheese- Php48.00


Chewy Chunky Cookie- Php12.00


Vanilla oreo Cookie- Php10.00


Crinkles- Php15.00


Oreo Cream Cheese Scoop with White Chocolate Melt- Php35.00


Caramel Milk Tea (Cool Size)- Php60.00


Cookie Shot (Small)- Php48.00
with milk- Php68.00
Choice of Chocolate/Caramel- Php78.00

Cookie Shot (Medium)- Php78.00
with milk- Php108.00
Choice of Chocolate/Caramel- Php118.00

Cookie Shot (Large)- Php108.00
with milk- Php138.00
Choice of Chocolate/Caramel- Php148.00

The most interesting product of the cafe was of course, the cookie mugs. Edible shot-glass shaped cookies into which you can pour milk, caramel, or chocolate milk. The best part of course is eating the cookie mug after you finish your drink. I ordered one with Caramel.

11066023_10152807161233963_6468812078525007326_n 11128199_10152807161373963_8283705863058474229_n

Overall, I love my Cookie Mug experience and will definitely be back for more.
116 Lilac St., SSS Village
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 218 0256


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