Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant


Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant is one the Japanese Restaurants that recently opened at SM Megamall’s new Mega Fashion Hall. It is named after a Japanese artist who passed away in 1959.

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The restaurant was fairly quiet. Would-be diners didn’t have to deal with long queues and overcrowding, which may be off-putting to some people. One thing that I love about this restaurant is that they prefer to stay out of the spotlight and would rather let the food do the talking.

I really loved the interiors! Everything about it screams “legit”. It will definetly bring you to Japan in an instant.

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Rosanjin has a fairly extensive selection of dishes, and they specialize in set meals (although you can also order some of the dishes a la carte). I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable their prices are. Most of their set meals are at the P300-P400 mark.


I decided to order their Authentic Tonkotsu Ramen Set with 3 pcs. of Gyoza and Unlimited Rice for only Php350.00

10995676_10203765234440588_4227692978267741480_n 11139349_10203765234600592_3323247849193812909_n

11113698_10203765234680594_6960417241476198688_n 11046648_10203765234960601_9030945885697016564_n

I’m very impressed with their service. After placing my order (maybe around 5-10 minutes later), some of the food we ordered began to arrive.

13709_10203765235640618_9008172996599588492_n 11137110_10203765235400612_7776630878294297564_n 11052444_10203765232920550_6795814549801317211_n

Overall, dining here was a pleasant experience. While they seem to be happy not relying on hype to attract more customers, I think they should at least do something to step up their game as this place has a lot of potential. I will be back for sure.


Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant
3/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City


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