Black Saturday was my only day off from work this Holy Week and this is the best time to visit Lilac Street in SSS Village, Marikina City. Mogu Tree is the first restaurant that I visited in Lilac Street and I’m looking forward to visit more restaurants on my next visit.

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The concept of the place is simple yet fun: you create your own noodle pot. You choose your noodle type, then choose your toppings, and finally your choice of soup: plain or laksa. The ingredients are nicely arranged in a buffet set-up making it easier for the customers to choose which noodle and topping combo would be enjoyable to their palate.

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For your noodles, you can choose from Spinach Noodles, Hong Kong Egg Noodles, Flour Noodles and Ramen Noodles.

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For your toppings, you will never be run out of options to choose from as they have a lot of it. There are variety of colorful and mouth-watering toppings to choose from. And you’ll surely get curious how each tastes.  I kept asking the staff which ones are best sellers.

11094687_10203765265921375_6118188371149943479_n 11059348_10203765267561416_6867543921143313191_n 10407090_10203765266961401_1329945735293645041_n 19822_10203765266521390_5020682039647785936_n

I decided to choose Laksa since I love spicy food. Spinach Noodles for my Noodles. Cabbage Roll, Mushroom Ball and Crab Ball for my toppings.

While waiting for our noodles, I spotted a Chinese delicacy corner by the stairs.

10417723_10203765261121255_7649246825903627706_n 11011670_10203765262521290_1556785567935789130_n 10408649_10203765262041278_759987004477418244_n 21289_10203765261961276_6236059804313482842_n

Here comes my order…

11091354_10152807159053963_1932715548031070634_n 11035614_10152807159163963_407517353588199076_n 11036842_10152807159233963_968239335597135116_n 11096522_10152807159198963_1462895465295643609_n

Laksa with 3 toppings- Php175.00

Laksa is a coconut-based curry soup. The laksa tasted really goooood. I love the right firmness of the noodles, the crab ball is so flavorful, the juicy mushroom ball, and the interesting cabbage roll. The spiciness is just right.

Mogu also offers short orders, dimsums and beverages. I decided to try their Tsing Tao Beer and Aloe Drink.


Tsing Tao Beer- Php70.00/can

This is the first time I get to drink Tsing Tao. It tastes like Red Horse.


Aloe Drink- Php70.00/500 ml

Aloe Drink is very refreshing and a perfect partner for my laksa.

Overall, It was such a good dining experience! And, I will definitely go back. Why don’t you drop by Mogu Tree Noodle House and share a bowl of soup with someone special.


60-E Lilac Street (Beside ChinaBank)
Hacienda Heights, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 738-6833


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