Ser Chef’s Lechon


Ser Chef’s Lechon started as a food truck business which is the latest trend in the food industry. The food truck is slated to become a hit partly due to the continuing trend of “busyness” among the country’s middle class, and partly due to its novelty. The only fees one has to pay are those for parking, and there is no rent. And the businessman may never have to worry about picking a bad place to set up business ever again—the truck can simply move to a new area should sales decline.

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Ser Chef’s Lechon decided to open a store in Kapitolyo, Pasig City last month (February 2015). Kapitolyo is known as the food capital of Pasig City.

Here’s what we ordered…


Soy Egg with Pork Floss- Php95.00
Boiled Egg with pork floss and sweet sauce. Pork floss dissolves quickly at the wrath of saliva and teeth, but before it disappears it releases a wave of sweet, salty, and porky. Not a strong wave, although not subtle either. Think of it like fluffy pork jerky.11081497_10203699910767537_3635907819015398739_n

Buttered Chicken- Php165.00
Supercrispy and indulgent, this buttery chicken from Ser Chef is delightful with ketchup, chili sauce or soy sauce with lemon juice.


Honey Garlic Chicken- Php95.00


Yang Chow- Php150.00
Yang Chow is a tasty rice dish great on its own, made with Chinese sausages, green peas and green onions.


Scallops (2 pcs. / stick)- Php45.00


Cheesy Pork Balls (2 pcs. / stick)- Php45.00


Black Gulaman- Php35.00


White Almond (1 Litre)- Php65.00
A sweet, almond flavored drink with white almond jelly. Perfect match for all the foods that we ordered.

overall, the food was great and very affordable.

Ser Chef’s Lechon, Cantonese Cuisine
4 1st. Cor 3rd. St.
Kapitolyo, Pasig City


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