Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie


Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie is one of the latest addition to the increasing number of restaurants at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Some of their specialties are Mui Garden’s Curry (by Vancouver’s Chef Gordon Mui), Deer Garden’s Halibut Fish Soup, and Tuan Tuan’s Snowy Baked Buns, set in a French-inspired ambiance. The ambiance is wonderful and food is comforting.

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TUAN TUAN means “to put together”, which is in line with the restaurant’s aim of putting together the best Chinese comfort food, from the best chefs, in the best ambiance.

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As we entered their doors, we noticed that there was a mural with Black and White Milk as well as cans all around the drink prep area.

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Swing your eyes over to the walls and look at the mix of knick knacks and old photos of  a bygone era and you’ll definitely feel transported to a different time until you look outside and realize you are still in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

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The Chinese Brasserie concept is quite appealing. Imagine eating Hong Kong comfort food specialties in a relaxed, casual-chic ambiance. Chandeliers, black open ceiling and trendy looking server uniforms give the space a chic French brasserie feel. There’s even a faux garden wall at the back of the restaurant with a table good for 10.

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Here are my recommendations on what to order…

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Specialty Noodle Soup Combo 201- Php518.00
Laksa, Sliced Cuttlefish, Fish Ball, Hofun + Deep FRied Fish Fillet


House Special Trio- Php398.00

A complete meal in a hot plate. Baked rice dish with seafood in white sauce, wild mushroom in pesto sauce, and porkchop (like tonkatsu) in tomato sauce, great for those who can’t decide.

The creamy sauces complemented each other very well, providing three flavor dimensions to this dish.


Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns- Php128.00/3 pcs

Tuan Tuan’s Pork Snow Buns look the same as Tim Ho Wan’s in terms of size, but I like the white color and milky taste of the buns with just the right sweet barbecue sauce.Milkier, flakier, and cheaper than those from rival Tim Ho Wan.


Hong Kong Style Coffee- Php98.00

The Hong Kong Style Coffee with their signature Black & White evaporated full cream milk used by the Hong Kong Tea Masters.


Overall, I really admire Tuan Tuan’s formula of providing authentic Chinese food with a higher end yet youthful ambiance.


TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie
SM Megamall
3/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 570-9011


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