Chuan Kee Chinese Fastfood


Chuan Kee is one of the oldest Chinese fastfood restaurants in Binondo. Be there at lunch time and you’ll find few vacant seats as there are many people eating in the place. Me and my wife visited this restaurant again when we join our friends in Binondo for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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Let’s take a look at their food.


Kiampong- Php42.00

Kiampong in Chinese literally means ‘salted rice’. Referred by some people as Chinese paella.

jpg (3)

Pork Asado- Php99.00

Pork Asado or Asadong Baboy is a sweet pork dish that was introduced by the Chinese. This is one of the dishes wherein slabs of meat are preferred unsliced when cooked – just like the Lechon kawali.

jpg (1)

Gokong Soup- Php150.00

A soup concoction made by simmering pork tendons, pork ribs, pork stomach, pork skin, chicken, and chinese herbs, served with spring onion sprinkles.


Kikiam- Php72.00

Kikiam or quekiam is a Chinese dish which Filipinos have adopted and made one of their own.


Pork Ma-ki Soup- Php100.00


Adobo Tofu- Php40.00


Chopchay Mi- Php125.00

Overall, Chuan Kee Restaurant is one of the Best Chinese Restaurants that I’ve visited.

Chuan Kee Restaurant

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 5AM – 10PM

Address: 650 Ongpin St. cor. Yuchengco St., Binondo, Manila Contact Nos.: (02) 242-9759, (02) 241-9999


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