Ba Noi’s


Ba Noi’s is the newest addition to the pile of restaurants that recently opened in Estancia Capitol Commons in Pasig City. It is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese cuisine.

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Vietnamese cuisine is not new to many Filipinos, in fact, a number of Vietnamese restaurants has been around even before Ba Noi’s opened its first branch in 2009 on Perea Street, Legazpi Village, Makati.
Ba Noi’s strictly follow their recipe to maintain the consistency and authenticity of the taste of their dishes. Let’s take a look at some of dishes that Ba Noi’s offer.

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Pho Bo- Php260.00

A perfected homemade beef noodle soup served with fresh herbs and spices. A visit to a Vietnamese restaurant would not be complete without a hot bowl of Pho. The noodles were light and the beef was lean.The noodle soup was perfect.

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Pho Bo kho- Php260.00

Pho Bo kho is a noodle soup dish using Bánh Ph? (a thicker type of rice noodles) and Bò Kho (beef stew) as the base flavor of the soup. It had chunks of beef in it and is topped with carrots and spring onions. Some prefer adding lime juice, bean sprouts and fresh herbs to this dish. I prefer this noodle soup dish by itself without any condiments.

I was most taken with the depth of flavor that the broth possessed. While pho usually benefits from condiments, this needed nothing. The spicy, meaty flavored was sweetened by the carrot. Noodles were hidden in the depths of the broth, ensuring that this bowl will get you full.

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Cha Gio- Php195.00
Fried Rice- Php90.00

Cha Gio (fried spring roll) is a classic Vietnamese appetizer made of ground pork, shrimp, taro and black fungus, then wrapped in rice paper, and deep fried until golden brown and crispy. It is then served with fresh lettuce, sweet basil, and Nuoc Mam (traditional Vietnamese fish dipping sauce).

You may eat this by itself but I prefer the rolls wrapped in lettuce and sweet basil and dipped in Nuoc Mam. I like the texture contrast of the lettuce and the crispy shell of the rolls. The sweet-salty-and-sour flavor of Nuoc Mam adds a refreshing aftertaste to this appetizer.

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Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong- Php230.00

Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong is a dry noodle dish topped with Cha Gio (fried spring rolls), the same rolls which Ba Noi’s serves as an appetizer, and Thit Nuong (grilled pork), shredded lettuce, pickled vegetables (carrots and singkamas) and toasted peanuts. It is then served with Nuoc Mam (traditional Vietnamese fish dipping sauce) on the side. This dish can be eaten by itself, or by pouring the Nuoc Mam into the dish and mixing it like a salad.

Mixing the sauce to this dish helps bind together all the flavors. The high quality of the spring rolls and the grilled pork make this a leveled-up dry noodle dish.


Ca Phe Sua Da- Php95.00
Vietnamese iced coffee

Ca Phe Sua Da is the cold version of Ca Phe Nong which is commonly known as Vietnamese Coffee. Vietnamese-grown coffee has a distinct flavor which differentiates it from other coffee beans. It is traditionally brewed using a French drip filter. Sweetened condensed milk is then stirred into the brewed coffee.

Luckily, we were able to meet, Mr. Dodjie Vioalago, the owner of Ba Noi’s as he is present at the restaurant on our visit. I had a short conversation with him. He’s very friendly and accommodating. He told me to be honest on how I feel about their food so they would know on which aspect they should improve and work on. To be honest, I can’t think of any rooms for improvement because all the dishes that they served to us were very delicious.


Che Khoai Cau- Php135.00

Taro and sticky rice slowly cooked in sweetened coconut milk and served with toasted peanuts and sesame seeds


Ca Phe Lava Cookie Cake- Php135.00

Chocolate and Vietnamese coffee injected cookie, drizzled with caramel

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Marou Chocolate- Php300.00/bar

I’m surprised that Ba Noi’s also offers Marou Chocolate. Marou source their beans from five provinces across Vietnam. For their core range, they have chosen a different cocoa percentage for the bars from each region, from the Tiền Giang 70% up to the Bến Tre 78%. Each region has its own distinctive flavour notes, and Marou have chosen recipes that enhance their unique qualities.

The fermented beans are transported to Marou’s chocolate factory in Saigon, where they are transformed into chocolate by bespoke machinery. They are roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and moulded into some of the most beautiful chocolate bars in the world.

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I love Ba Noi’s attention to the branding details, which include a cool brand logo, nice restaurant facade, and good menu design.


Overall, Ba Noi’s has definitely elevated our standards for Vietnamese cuisine. They are generous in using high quality ingredients which results to fresher, more delectable tasting dishes. Ba Noi’s dishes are richer in taste and the flavors are more fullbodied compare to other Vietnamese Restaurants.


Trivia: “Ba Noi” refers to the grandmother on the father’s side.
Ba Noi’s
Basement 1, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons
Meralco Avenue, Oranbo, Pasig City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 10:00pm


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