R. Ma Mon Luk


R. Ma Mon Luk is Chinese restaurant that is located in Quezon Blvd., Quiapo, Manila, which is near the Raon district. R. Ma Mon Luk has been known to be the one that introduced the famous Mami or Gupit. This is brought from Mainland China in 1918 through its founder Ma Mon Luk, who came to the Philippines in order to try his luck since he retired from being a teacher.

The restaurant’s opening is facing the boulevard; and in front of the restaurant, there are stalls along the walkway. When one enter the place, he or she might find the cashier area is on the right side and clippings from different newspapers and magazines are framed and posted on the walls.


There are two menu posted on the two walls (one on the left and one on the right). There are three columns of tables: (1) the left column near the left wall, (2) the right column near on the right wall, and (3) the middle side, in which the two sides are average size of tables (four-to-five-seater tables), while the middle column consists of long tables. All of the tables are wooden with marble tops, and one look at them you will see that those tables are old. The table nearest to the kitchen counter is where the staffs are usually seated, and this is where they put sauce from pitchers into small but long plastic bags for “take-out” or to-go orders. The said table is also the one where the headwaiter and the checkers are posted (in which I will discuss further on the findings part of this study). Even the chairs used are also wooden.

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Asado Siopao- Php45.00

Portion sizes are huge, and the Siopao are some of the largest that I’ve seen anywhere (easily 5 or six inches diameter). For those not familiar, Siopao are the Tsinoy version of the Chinese Bao: Big steamed dumplings filled with meat and other ingredients. Ma Mon Luk has three kinds: Pork (pork mince), Asado (stuffed with BBQ pork… Awesomeness in a bun), or their “Special” (Mince and asado pork, chicken, and a salted egg). Siopao always come with a sweet sauce, and Ma Mon Luk is almost as well known for their Siopao and sauce as their Mami.

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Siomai- Php45.00

R. Ma Mon Luk’s Siomai are expensive when compared to Chow King or the like, but at Ma Mon Luk, they are huge. And, absolutely worth it.

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Special Mami- Php95.00

Seriously, it’s delicious! It has tender pieces of chicken & pork. The noodles is frm.Very comforting, very yummy — my favorite item on the menu!

For one large bowl of Special Mami, an asado siopao, and a siomai order, we paid a grand total of 195 pesos! It was more than enough for myself and my wife. So, for those who head to Manila, a visit to Ma Mon Luk is a real taste of true Tsinoy food, unadulterated by Jollibee or other influences. Try the real thing!
R. Ma Mon Luk
545 Quezon Boulevard Corner Gonzalo Puyat Street, Quiapo, Manila


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