Calderon, Kapitolyo


Whenever I crave for more than the usual home-cooked fare, I turn to one of my preferred world cuisines—Spanish. I find this particular tasty Mediterranean cuisine to be a special treat.

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Calderon specializes in home-style Spanish dishes, including paellas and tapas. The restaurant’s design includes elements from traditional and modern Spanish interior, offering a break from the usually boring and old-feeling interiors of most Spanish-themed restaurants in Metro Manila.

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I admired the establishment’s wooden furniture, which added a warm ambience, and the tile accents on our ground-floor table gave it some character. I believe the gauge of a good Spanish restaurant is its paella, and Calderon offers a couple of variants. We opted for the classic Paella Valenciana.


Paella Valenciana Php780.00

Paella Valenciana is Calderon’s best-selling paella. This classic recipe includes prawns mussels and chorizo, as well as beans, bell peppers and peas on a bed of rice flavored with saffron and other spices. The rice was perfectly cooked, not too mushy and not too hard. This serving is also good for 2-4 persons to share. The waiting time for this was around 30 minutes, as with other traditional Spanish restaurants.


Pasta de Chorizo Php220.00

Tomato based with crushed chorizo mixed into the sauce for lots of punchy flavor. There’s even a whole fried egg that you can eat on it on or better yet break it and mix it with the pasta for a little gooey shine.

10360708_10203407632820771_7357066871699571867_n 1797556_10203407633140779_3073799388035629657_n

Spanish dining is never complete without Sangria. Many consider Spanish cuisine very hearty and flavorful, and that is somehow true. This is the same reason why Spanish food is perfectly paired with sangria.

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Calderon Spanish Restaurant is small, quaint and charming. It exudes a feeling of eating in someones home with their mother or grandmother dishing out family recipes. Serving sizes was robust and can readily be share a few people.


Calderon, Kapitolyo

12 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Contact Number(s): (02) 533-4107; 0905-226-6982

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 10:30pm


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