Sagada Lemon Pie House


My short visit in Sagada will never be complete without trying the famous Sagada Lemon Pie.

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Joseph Daoas is the owner of The Sagada Lemon Pie House. Elena Daoas, Joseph’s mother, started it all. Lemon Pie was her original recipe and she passed it to Joseph that later improved the recipe to make it taste even better.

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It took 12 years for Joseph to perfect the recipe. He experimented to get the right amount of flour for the crust and the right texture for the filling. It was five years ago when the lemon pie reached its greatest improvement.

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The Sagada Lemon Pie House was opened to the public for the first time in 2008 but it wasn’t a hit.

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Joseph’s Family decided to bring their lemon pies to the public market, downtown Poblacion, to get better sales. Soon, more and more people buy their pies, and the rest is history. Nowadays, you can taste some of our lemon pies in local stores and restaurants in Sagada. Just ask where the Sagada Lemon Pie House is and anyone from town can tell you where it is.


Sagada Lemon Pie- Php30.00


Egg Pie- Php30.00


Lemon Tea- Php15.00


Mountain Milk Tea- Php20.00


The Sagada Lemon Pie House – Sagada
Address: Atey, Dao-Angan, Sagada
Mobile: (63) 907-7820360


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