Burgers & Brewskies


Tired from our Team Building in Club Balai Isabel Batangas but I have no choice but to go to office for my Sunday Rest Day Overtime. Luckily, my email volume is not that high that’s why I’m so relaxed in the office.

After my shift, I decided to try Burgers & Brewskies which is a newly opened restaurant in Estancia Capitol Commons. I honestly was not expecting anything from Burger & Brewskies. I was thinking burgers, how much can they do with the good old burger, but boy was I in for a surprise.


SPF- Php65.00

I started with their appetizer SPF, thinly cut sweet potato fries coated in a secret spice mix. The sweet and spicy coating makes this a quick finish as everyone was reaching for piece after piece. It was so addictive.


PHILLY- Php250.00

The bun was exceedingly fresh, with a light buttery taste on the crust and a slight sweetness inside. The steak was indeed thinly sliced and was so tasty I had to stop and savor it. Juicy and packed with a delectable flavor, I instantly fell in love.

The grilled peppers and onions complemented the savory steak perfectly and the almost gooey melted Swiss added just the right amount of cheesy goodness. The burger patty was wonderfully delicious, thoroughly cooked and well-seasoned.

10943718_10203325567369186_3654008198467710564_n 10922704_10203325568489214_4534166550066192363_n

You’ll be surprised as you look up and notice light shining through the beer bottled chandelier like a kaleidoscope of color.

10891559_10203325571329285_9057757413876173542_n 10393780_10203325571169281_8180987455780111513_n

Prices are quite reasonable for their robust burgers. Their burgers are a bit messy to eat with your hands so better yet use a fork and a knife. There are a lot of beer choices to match with your choice of burger.


Burgers & Brewskies is a perfect place for you if you’re craving for a burger that is satifyingly good.

10933910_10203325572729320_3898083063765602660_n 1544969_10203325569849248_686540080019575267_n

B&B Burgers and Brewskies
Ground Floor Estancia Mall
Capitol Commons, Pasig


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