Tree Top Adventure Baguio


My Tree Top Adventure Baguio experience was the highlight of my 2014 trip to the country’s summer capital – Baguio. It’s world class and definitely safe.

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Tree Top Adventure Baguio is full of trees that gives a refreshing “nature” feel. Tree TRunk Clumping Mechanism is used to ensure that no tree is harmed in the park. It means the platforms are clumped together and built tight enough so that they won’t fall off the tree trunks. No nails, screws and the like were used on the trees.

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I decided to avail Package C so I can try three activities.

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Are you a bird? Are you a plane? No, you’re Superman! Take this ride face down and feel how it is to fly over creation. The Superman Ride is a 200 meter long, 150 feet high cable zip line that gives you an astonishing view of the mountains for about 2 minutes. In this adventure, you will first fly backwards and then forward at the speed of 9 meters per second. Meant to be experienced in tandem, this adventure accommodates 2 persons at a time to double the fun! Fly high and get high on The Superman Ride!

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Silver Surfer

Would you like to conquer the sky? Then be The Silver Surfer if only for a day. Stand atop a specially designed ledge, hold onto a bar and simply fly. The 70-meters long diagonal zip line takes you up to a tower at a speed of approximately 6 meters per second. This adventure accommodates 2 persons at a time, facing each other, and makes key stops midway through the ride. Expect to swing on air at every stop to feel the excitement of this adventure. Experience 3 back and forth cycles that take only 2-3 minutes a ride. What a great way to fly!

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Trekking and Skywalk Adventure

Trekking & Skywalk Adventure is a walking journey along our great “yellow trail” that has an approximate distance of 600 meters with a Skywalk having a 1000 ft. high view peeking on the amazing view highlands of Baguio City. Take time to stretch your legs, exercise and gasp Baguio City’s fresh air with the Trekking

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Tree Top Adventure Baguio
Address: Special Economic Zone, Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City (Beside Bell House Museum)
Tel. No.: (074) 442-0800
Mobile: 0932-744-9594 / 0932-783-2137
Business Hours: 8am-5pm


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