Before going back to manila from my friend’s wedding, I decided to eat lunch to one of the most famous restaurants in Baguio which is Cafe by the Ruins. Whenever i visit Baguio, Cafe by the Ruins is always on my bucket list but I never got a change to try this restaurant. I’m so happy to be back in Baguio two weeks ago and got a chance to discover my yet to be favorite restaurant in Baguio.

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The ambience is very good. I feel comfort and peace just by looking around the resto.

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It’s time to place my order and here’s the menu. 🙂


I love coffee and I have to try some of their best.


Ruins Coffee- Php85.00
Filtered with cardamom, topped with whipped cream, muscovado sugar and cinnamon powder.


Arabica Coffee- Php70.00
100% Arabica Coffee


Muscovado Sugar


Fish Roe Cream Sauce Pasta- Php280.00
The green spinach noodles were cooked al dente. The sauce is fish roe in cream sauce. The cream and the fish roe’s salty flavor perfectly compliments the bland taste of the noodles.


Chicken Galantina- Php280.00
A slice of boned chicken stuffed with meat and boiled in white wine. Served cold with aspic.


Salmon Steak- P280.00
Salmon Steak served with Ifugao Mountain Rice. Perfect combination. This is my personal favorite.


Cafe by the Ruins is the best place to dine before going back to Manila. I have more reasons to go back to Baguio. I will definitely go back to this place and try other dishes from their menu.


Cafe by the Ruins

25 Chuntug St
Baguio City, Benguet


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